The KM AntPro System

Ants are one of the most common, yet most problematic infestations throughout the US. They can range in infestation style from a pesky parade of two or three invaders, to thousands spread across multiple colonies surrounding your home.

Ants, though they tend to be lumped together, are actually an incredibly varied and intelligent species. While they may seem small and like a harmless annoyance, many species of ants are highly dangerous to humans, domestic animals, wildlife, and the environment, causing property damage, environmental upset, painful and extreme injury, and even death. They are also master soldiers and warmongers, using sophisticated physical alarm systems and plans of attack within their colonies to spread and win territory.

At BUG Termite & Pest Control Co. of Venice, FL, we believe in using the most effective method to destroy marauding colonies in the most discreet, pesticide-free way possible. Our company uses the KM AntPro System for long-term ant elimination and ant protection. When filled and installed in the ground outside of your home, the system offers guaranteed round-the-clock defense against ants.

How It Works

The KM AntPro System is equipped to hold a high volume of pesticide-free, but highly effective liquid ant bait, which entices ants to consume the bait and bring the bait back to their colonies so that others may feed. The toxin in the bait is designed to work over time and multiple feedings, so as not to alert the ants to the danger they face. Within a few feedings, the level of toxicity throughout the ant colony will increase to the point of destruction- all without harming you, your pets, your plants, or your home.

Why Choose the KM AntPro System?

We could boast about the many reasons why the KM AntPro System is the best ant-control system around for hours. Instead, we'll let the system speak for itself:

Plus, the KM AntPro System is Effective Against:

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